How To Get Source Code (JAVA & XML) From Android APK File

In this tutorial we will learn how to convert android APK file into source code. Android .apk file is a compressed form of a file which contains Java classes (in .dex form), XML files and all necessary files.

First of all you need to download the following files for java & xml source code:

Steps to Extract Source Code (Java)

  • Extract all the above files.
  • Download your apk file and paste it on your desktop.
  • Rename your application (.apk to .zip) i.e. (ex: webview.apk to
  • Now extract the file.
  • Open the webview Net folder, there you will find the classes.dex file.
  • Copy the classes.dex file and paste it in Dex2jar folder.
  • Now open the command prompt(Run -> Cmd -> Enter). There locate the cmd to your folder (ex: cd C:\Users\santosh\Desktop\Java tools\dex2jar-
  • Type a command “dex2jar classes.dex”  Then press Enter key.
  • Automatically classes_dex2jar.jar file will be created.
  • Now to go to Jd-Gui folder (Dex Compiler) -> Open jd-gui.exe
  • Go to File -> Open File and Locate the classes_dex2jar.jar file from Dex2jar folder
  • All the source will be displayed. Go to File -> Save all sources

Steps To Extract XML Files

  • Create a XML folder on desktop. In that folder paste Apk tool, Apk install and android apk (webview.apk) in that folder. (See the screenshot below)
  • Now open command prompt -> Locate your XML folder using the command “cd C:\Users\santosh\Desktop\XML tool” Then press Enter key.
  • There write the command “apktool d webview.apk”  Then press Enter key.
  • (Note : You can replace webview with your application name)
  • Once all the process is completed. A folder with your application name will be created containing All the XML files.
  • As now you have got both android source code (java) and (XML). Combine them, and you can easily import the folder in your Android Development Tools using your Android_Manifest.xml file.
  • We think, you enjoyed the topic. Please let us know if you have queries.