How to completely uninstall Android Studio


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How to completely uninstall Android Studio From your system.

Follow the steps given in this post.

Step 1: Run the Android Studio uninstaller

Open the Control Panel and under the Programs, click on the “Uninstall a Program”. After that, click on “Android Studio” and Click on Uninstall. If you have multiple versions, uninstall them as well.

Step 2: Remove the Android Studio files

To delete any remains of Android Studio setting files.
go to your user folder %USERPROFILE% and delete .android, AndroidStudio and any analogous directories with versions on the end, i.e. AndroidStudio1.2, and .gradle if they exist.

Then go to %APPDATA% and delete the “JetBrains” directory.

Finally, go to C:\Program Files and delete the Android directory.

Step 3: Remove The SDK

To delete any remains of the SDK, go to %LOCALAPPDATA% and delete the Android directory.

Step 4: Delete Android Studio projects

Android Studio creates projects in a folder \AndroidStudioProjects, which you may want to delete. go to %USERPROFILE% and find the directory “AndroidStudioProjects” and delete

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